as the Other I
Release | 14. 11. 2016 | Digital Single

Artwork by Gerry Simeonova

special thanks to Josh Sabin and Oli Jan

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01. Flux


as Terry Peng

Released | 31. 05. 2016 | Digital Single

A Composition Collaboration with Luci Holland

Produced & Mastered by Terry Peng
Vocal Performed & Improvised by Luci Holland
E. Guitar & Piano Performed by Terry Peng
Mixed & Arranged by Terry Peng & Luci Holland

special thanks to Hina Fujimoto; Ting Yeh; Mike Cowler; Fang-Chi Chen; Emily Dune;
Josh Sabin and Po-Han Yang.

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01. 聲

© 2014 Terry Peng. All Rights Reserved.                         Profile & Background Illustration by YU